Rescue dog seemed very sweet but is escalating aggressive behavior – need help

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Our two year old female border collie was rescued about a month and a half ago. She was the absolute sweetest at first, very shy and eager to please. She does not like long walks or a lot of exercise – she will actively refuse to walk further after 5 minutes. I say this because I know collies usually want a lot of exercise, but she flat out refuses!

We are four female roommates and one boyfriend living in a four bedroom apartment. We are good friends and don't fight – there's very little tension ever that the dog could pick up on.

However, after several weeks, her attitude has gotten so much worse. She has one favorite, her main caretaker "Sarah", and the rest of us have all been growled at or snapped at several times. She actually bit the boyfriend when he tried to keep her from leaving the living room once.

We're at a loss. Sarah hasn't witnessed any of the bad behavior – the dog only acts up when Sarah isn't around!

We finally got it on video today, which was a particularly scary incident. My roommate "Lucy" and I were eating when Lucy left her sandwich half finished on the table. We left the room for a second and when we got back, the dog has decided it's her sandwich, and was not just growling but snarling, snapping, and barking at us every time we moved towards her. We fixed that particular situation by putting food in her bowl and confusing her as to which food she wanted, then grabbed the sandwich and left to the porch.

She listens to Sarah. Sarah can physically reach into the dog's mouth and remove food, and the dog won't make even a sound of protest. It's just everyone else that makes her aggressive.

Please help? We have made strong efforts to train her ourselves, but she isn't consistent.

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