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Hello 🙂

First of all, this community is great! I've read a lot of good posts and discovered amazing content, so thanks everyone for that 😀

Now to my questions:

Me and my wife adopted a dog from a shelter a month ago. She's 2 years old. According to the shelter, she was stuck on her previous owner's balcony all day long.. 🙁

Obligatory pic 🙂

Now with us, she got used to the house, we also have a one year old kid, and she's very patient, and he plays a lot with her and even when he's annoying to her, she never does anything, the most she does to "defend" herself from him is to go away. She's great!

However, she's very stressed from other people and when we go outside she's even more. Her tail is really like inside, she's scared of every bike, chair, etc.. that are on the sidewalk. She's not used to the city, so she tends to flee in direction of the road, even more scary :/

She's not ready to do any of her need while on leash. There are some patches of grass near our apartment but she's not willing to do anything (like by staying 20mn doing back and forth in the grass she might pee), she's always bothered by anyone walking around. So I have to get her to the dog park (usually not a problem, but at night the dog park near me has no lights so I have to go further and it takes time :/).

She also seems to have built some separation anxiety. She got very close to me and when we all leave the house she starts crying and we can hear cry from the outside (but it seems like she stops as when we come back, even after a short trip, we don't hear her), and when we come back she get so excited she pees.

A few days ago, we went to this big open park, and we were not sure to take her or not (lots of people so she might be scared). We took her, and when we were there she was pulling the leash all the time, she wanted to go places and wasn't scare, so I went with her for a while but she kept pulling and wanting to go faster etc.. So I let her free of the leash (forgot to add, she seems to had some basic training? She almost always come when I call her, and generally understand what I say when I tell her no, or to go somewhere else etc..). After letting her free she started to run like she had an amazing time. It felt like I finally understood what she wants to do as she never plays with any toy. She simply wants to run.

I want to help her and plan on starting clicker training. I'm sure being trained will make her more confident and less scared.

I know I threw a lot of information randomly, but I wanted to ask if you guys have any specifics recommendations?

Thanks a lot and have a great day! <3

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