Rescue dog not house trained

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I have had a 2 year old lab Shepherd mix (F) for a few weeks.

She pees in the house during the day. I got a crate, so far she pees in that too.

Thought it might be separation anxiety, but she did it once while I was home. I only crate her when I'm at work.

I can't seem to get her to pee in the mornings before I leave.

I've been praising and treating her when she pees outside. And when I want her to pee before and after work, I don't throw the ball around so she doesn't get confused. Even though that would get her to pee quicker.

Mid morning today, I put her on a short leash for 45 minutes in the yard until she peed. There was a lot, so I don't think it's that she doesn't have to go.

I feed her after as a reward.

Tonight I was out there for 35 mins, no pee. I know she's got some in her!


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