Rescue dog is afraid of me

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Hi all, looking for some advice. Very long story short my wife and I recently adopted a stray dog we came across whilst on our honeymoon in France. We don't know anything about his history, his breed or his age but from what we can deduce he is a miniature pincher cross that we think is no more than 2 years old.

He's been with us now in the UK for about a month and although he has made great strides there is one area that I find particularly challenging and that is that he is afraid of me.

He gets very nervous when I approach him and runs away, won't let me put the lead on him, he won't take treats off of me and he will bark when I come home and doesn't listen to me. He is absolutely fine with my wife, curls up on her lap, takes treats from her and lets her put the lead on him and listens to her commands.

We both love him dearly and want him to be happy with us so any help or recommendations on what I can do to improve our relationship would be greatly appreciated.

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