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Hello! I adopted a 2-year-old lab/shepherd mix last week from the shelter. He is a sweetie, but he acts like a puppy when we are on leash (lunging at other dogs to play, too excited, weaves, pulls, never looks at me). Since I live in a VERY dog-friendly city where we unavoidably run into lots of dogs outside, I want to get to work on training as soon as I can.

It has taken several days to be interested in treats and now I can mostly get him to sit if I have one. However, he does seem to get bored of most treats pretty quickly. Outside the house he is high energy and distracted by EVERYTHING, inside the house he is almost lethargic and doesn't seem to really care about what I want.

I have been trying to do short, frequent training sessions to work on marker charging, but sometimes when I come out with kibble or liver treats and walk toward him he moves away from me! When I do give him the liver treats during on-leash work or basic sitting, he does not respond or take treats enthusiastically–it's very slow and casual. He's also afraid of the clicker so I need to start over with a verbal marker.

This week I want to step it up and see if we can start adjusting better. I work from home which is why I think we can do well! How often should I break from work to do some short training with him? And are my treats just not good enough?

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