Rescue dog bites and flips out in odd moments

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I’ve had my rescue dog for 2 years. The first year of her life is unknown. All that I know is she was found on the south side of Chicago. She came to my house terrified so badly that I couldn’t barely get her on a leash to go outside because she just wanted to show me her teeth and sit in the corner of the room with her tail between her legs. We’ve made progress within the household but she is not good with new people. We tell them to “play hard to get” and ignore her. Eventually she ends up on their laps looking for hugs.

Another odd thing she does is anytime I lay down in the couch, lay in bed, get in the shower, or go down the stairs at my moms house only (her stairs go to the basement in the middle of the living room and for some reason she barks when anyone goes down them, but has no issues at my house with our upward stairs).

My boyfriend works remotely and is home more often with her. He has told me a few times she doesn’t act all crazy with him sitting down or showering etc. it only happens when I’m around. We brought this up to our vet and just got a “hm that’s weird”

I appreciate any advice. I’m keeping her for life and just want the best for us all going forward.

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