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We adopted two dogs today. One (male) is totally cool with most things (car stressed him out a bit) and the other (female) is afraid of most everything (including us, somewhat). She will walk up to me or my husband -as long as she's sure we aren't looking- and lick us on the arm or on the hand. However, she is very averse to being pet, food (even hotdogs or chicken) is not interesting, and if we look in her direction (not at her, just general direction) she watches me then trots away.

She is not afraid of the male and the closest she's come to making it indoors is putting her paws on the outside ledge after we walked inside with male and stayed well away from the door. They are not a bonded pair, but she does seem to gain more confidence from him being around.

I know that she's going to take a lot of time and patience to come around to us, and that's fine. My concern is – do I leave her outside for the night or do I pick her up and bring her in? There is a covered porch, she has water (which she has been drinking), and it will not be extremely cold this evening (66 degrees F is the low). Then if I do bring her in (by carrying her, assuming I can catch her), how can I show her it's no big thing when she won't do food?

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