Rescue DDB has issues with jumping/barking at strangers

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We recently adopted at DDB. He is almost a year old. The first 3 months were spent with dog pals at a rescue farm, had a questionable/bad home for 6 months, foster home for a month, and now he’s home with us.

He has done WONDERFUL with our cat and adjusting in general. The one issue that we’re having is that in public, on walks, or at home, he jumps and barks and people and other dogs. He’s not doing it an agressive manner, it’s more of a playful manner. Like he really really wants them to pet/play with him.

So far my fiancé and I are trying to ignore him when he’s calm when we get home from work. I also try to offer high praise when he’s calm. We went to Petsmart today and he was all amped up for about 10 minutes and then laid on the floor. I really want him to be able to go everywhere with us.

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