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Just adopted a dog a week ago and she is not crate trained. When left in crate she whines and panics. She has rubbed her nose on the crate a little already and im worried she will hurt herself. I forgot to completely close the gate and she got out. I was only gone for 2hrs, but she tore up the carpet trying to get out of my room. So the problem isnt just the crate, but being left alone. I meet the foster parents who I adopted her from and they recommended thinking about getting a dog pen with more room. Not sure how that will solve the issue, but they said that is what they used for her. The dog was never alone even when in the pen at the foster's place because she was with other dogs. Getting a pen would be a lot of work and some money, but im not convinced its better then a crate. I think she might get used to it, but im willing to get a pen if it would be better. Id need to rearrange my room, get a hard surface to put the pen on and then somehow lock it into place so she couldn't get to the carpet.

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