Remy is totally potty trained and very independent!

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Remy is getting close to 7 months old now and is an alaskan klee kai and pomeranian mix (with a little shiba inu and husky). For almost a month he's had only like 2 poop accidents. He hasn't had any at all for the last two or so weeks. He no longer runs away if I announce it's potty time; he instead runs to the backdoor like a good boy. He also easily sleeps through the night without needing to go. I think being potty trained before 8 months is a good achievement, especially for a little dog. He's maybe 11lbs max now, but potty trained faster than my springer spaniel did. What also made this feel like a bigger deal to me was the fact that the breeder had him puppy pad trained and he had never once pottied outside with her.

Along with this, he is so well behaved inside the house that I never need to wonder what he's up to if I can't see him. He went through a very short phase of wanting to get into cords, but that lasted less than a month and he's been great since then. I can leave him free roaming the house when I go somewhere without "baby-proofing" at all, and I'll come back to the house looking exactly the same. He has always preferred playing with the mass amount of toys we have (or the cat hahaha), which is very much appreciated :P. I try not to worry about him playing with the cat anymore. They do play really rough sometimes, but they both have like an equally high prey drive towards one another and I don't think I can ever get it to stop since the cat starts up their rumbles just as often as Remy does.

Remy's prey drive is actually his biggest downfall. He thinks he is a malamute, and will stalk other dogs that are waaaaay bigger than him and piss them off with his body language x.x.

But anyways, no more peeing or pooping inside! We're going to get our carpets shampooed since hand cleaning never fully removes accidents, and that is our reward to ourselves for achieving this major goal.

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