Remy hasn’t been doing very well since his neutering :(

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His actual surgery went well, and he isn't even really trying to lick his incision. What didn't go well was how he reacted to Rimadyl. He was neutered yesterday, and starting this morning he went on a total diarrhea and vomiting marathon. I did contact the vet and he's not going to be taking Rimadyl, and they prescribed him a different med to help calm his tummy down. I just feel really bad is all :/. You can tell he feels like total crap. He's probably not interested in his incision because his stomach hurts more than the surgery site.

He wouldn't eat dinner tonight, which was a pain because his new meds are supposed to make him feel better, but he has to take them with food. So I ended up boiling some plain chicken and white rice, and he was willing to eat that. I also left some of the water used to boil it because I was afraid he's dehydrated. He hasn't vomited it back up so far and it helped him perk up. He probably was also a bit hypoglycemic because threw up his entire breakfast and he's a little guy (only 10lbs).

In case you are someone who is against always neutering/spaying because of instances like this, he needed to be. Both of his testes were borderline cryptorchid (they could neuter him like normal, but his testes definitely were up too high in his body), so he was more than likely sterile anyways and high risk for testicular cancer.

Has anyone else had a puppy react this poorly to Rimadyl? Pretty sure that's what my other dog was prescribed when she was spayed and had no issues. Plus the family dog growing up was on and off it due to hip dysplasia and also was always fine.

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