Relive Beychella On Your Next Remote Call With Zoom’s Video Backgrounds

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Here’s How To Get Zoom Video Backgrounds To Spice Up Your Next Remote Call

April 1, 2020

Zoom is continuing to make it easier to liven up your meetings by switching up the backdrop of your screen. Whether you’re trying to hide the squalor you circumvented yourself with or you’re just looking to switch things up, Zoom offers so many different options to build practically carolling into your workplace or classroom so much more entertaining. Here’s how to get Zoom video backgrounds and try the facet out for yourself.

To get started, you’ll firstly want to make sure your PC or Mac is updated to Zoom version 4.6.0. You may have to update your computer if it doesn’t work right away. You can use this with an iPhone 8 or later or fifth-generation iPad or later with the iOS Zoom mobile app. Once you’ve downloaded Zoom and signed up for the video conferencing platform, you can head to the Zoom web portal to start getting inventive with a video background. Click on Meeting Settings and select the Meeting tab from the menu. You should meet the Virtual Background option there and a cause to upload and likenes or high-res videos.

From there, you can choose a video of your own to upload or use one of the pre-made ones from Zoom’s Background Library. To get in on options like a video of puppies hanging out together or a time from Beyonce’s now-iconic Coachella headliner performance, you can choose the option to download the video register and then upload it when motivated in the Virtual Background page. Once you do so, you’ll be virtually preceding a convene or chit-chat with your friends against the backdrop of Beychella or one of the other clips you decide to swap in. Because who doesn’t need some “Who guide the world? ” energy right now.

Kevin Mazur/ Getty Images Entertainment/ Getty Images

Zoom’s video background library includesoptions like the meme-worthy Super Bowl left shark from Katy Perry’s Halftime Show, the iconic “Run, Forrest, run” scene from, or an intergalactic chase through opening from.

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One thing’s for certain: Whichever clip you end up choosing as your Zoom meeting backdrop is sure to build your gratifies, castes, or happy hours a lot more exciting.

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