Relaxation Protocol….feel like I witnessed a miracle!

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Our sweet boy is afraid of a lot of things. He hates trucks and loud noises. Of course we moved in April to a condo and garbage trucks come by almost every day and beer delivery trucks a couple times a week to the golf course across the street. He barks like crazy when this happens. We'd been trying the technique of thanking him, going to look, putting him in time out if he won't quiet. It wasn't helping much and my husband who works from home was losing his mind. I decided to try the Relaxation Protocol. We just started. I did day 1 twice and day 2 yesterday. He is very smart and was doing fabulous. We are using the mp3 and I can see he is listening to the sound file.

This morning the delivery truck came by and he started barking. I assured him it was ok, but he kept barking. Instead of putting him in time out I grabbed the mat and put on the day 2 sound file for the relaxation protocol. He did it! He did it even while the truck was still out there with its annoying beep beep beep. He stayed quite and laying down and didn't bark. His tail was even wagging. I've witnessed a miracle. I'm so proud of him.

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