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I feel silly even writing this….

We have been training our mini dachshund to sleep in her crate in the bedroom. She does fine for half to 2/3rd of the night but then whines and wants in bed with us. Cute at first, annoying habit I need to break now. These little dogs with short hair seem to get cold very easily. I got her a shirt and sweater but she pulls them off in the night. I am sure she is fine but my monkey brain keeps going to "she's freezing to death in there" because she immediately burrows under the covers when we put her in bed. I am pretty sure she is playing us but my brain won't let this go. Does anyone have a heating pad for their dogs crate? I have seen some on Amazon but I am a bit worried about her chewing the cord, starting a fire, and killing us all. Ideas or thoughts? Am I just being an idiot?

Puppy tax….

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