Recently moved. Dog is afraid of the backyard in the dark and won’t potty out there.

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Mini schnauzer, 1 y 4 mo. Was potty trained before moving across the country. We went from Utah to Georgia so it’s been a BIG change for both of us. Previously we were in a condo so potty time required leashing up and walking him around the building. The new house has a backyard. It’s got squirrels, lots of bugs, trees, and honestly it’s just a little creepy in the sense that you know there might be snakes or other things hanging around. Plus it backs up next to a patch of forest. So who knows what else is back there. When it’s light out and I let him out, he loves trying to catch the squirrels but is still kind of jumpy. I stay out there with him just in case. At night though, going potty out there is a big nope. He will sit on the porch and cry. So I’ll walk down with him and he won’t leave concrete patio. He’ll quickly pee but won’t poop. Yesterday I walked around with him out there for 40 minutes. Nothing. Then we will go in the house and he will slink away and poop in the den. He even pooped in his crate once. We’ve been here almost four weeks and it seems like he’s getting more and more jumpy. How do I make him more comfortable going potty in the dark?

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