Recently housebroken puppy peeing in roommates’ rooms

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Hi all,

I have a 5 month old pup (female German Shepherd mix) who I've had for about two months. She was housebroken very quickly and hadn't had an accident in the last month. We've been increasing her freedom of the house, but in the last week she has gone in and peed on the floor in two of my roommates' rooms. Once I was out of the house and my roommates were watching her; she snuck away quickly into someone's room and peed on the floor. Supposedly she displayed none of her usual signs that she needed to go out like sitting next to the door, whining, etc.

Then yesterday, I opened the door to my room, realized I forgot something. I turned around and went back inside but within seconds she had run into the open door to one of my roommates' rooms and peed on the floor in that one too!

Generally speaking, she's usually with me or alone in my room, where she has no accidents. She spends a lot of time in the common areas like kitchen, living room, etc. with no problems. She's also been in my roommates' rooms before, but always under supervision, with no problems. I'm thinking that she basically isn't potty trained to recognize those rooms as "inside" (although weirdly I bring her to other friends' houses all the time and she's never had an accident there either).

Any ideas on how we can potty train her to new rooms? Ideally not something that relies on us catching her peeing on the floor in there, as our house is carpet.


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