Recently adopted dog barking when we aren’t home

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Hello r/dogtraining!

I need some advice. We recently adopted a dog, she is a 6 year old pitbull mix. Very well behaved for the most part, we started out crating her during the day but since she was used to free roaming with her previous family, we tried that and she did really well so we have not been crating her for the last 3 weeks when we are at work.

However, today I got a call from the city that someone made a complaint about her barking. She does bark when the doorbell rings or sometimes when someone comes to the door and knocks. I've monitored her on and off with a dog monitor app and when I have checked in she is usually sleeping on the couch or floor in the living room, so I'm thinking she must be barking at either people coming to the door, our neighbors coming and going etc. We live in a row town house so our neighbor's door on the one side is right next to ours.

I put up a no soliciting sign today and blocked off the window in our front door so she won't see anyone at the door, and I will be purchasing some privacy window cling for our living room window as well so she can't see out of it. I'm hoping this will help. The lady I spoke to said the people said it is more at the front of the house that the noise is coming from. Would it maybe be better to go back to crating her? Any advice would be appreciated.


Edit: I am also going to monitor her more consistently for the next little while and have the app notify me when she is barking/making noise so I can have a better idea of how often she is noisy.

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