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Hey All,

I just rescued a 1-2 year old Lab Mix just brought him home on Sunday night so very recently.

He is a rescue from PR and likely never was walked on a leash, he also spent ~4 months at the rescue.

Anyhow to walk him we have to bring the leash to him. Once clipped on, you give him a small tug he would follow you and walk outside and do his thing. I try to give him treats and praise him after he poos/pees but he is completely unresponsive to verbal compliments and sometimes is not interested in the treats at all. We also give him a treat once he comes back inside which he eats. I feel like this will get better with time but….

Today was not a good day with the leash. We tried to call him over to put the leash on but, as soon as he sees the leash he runs upstairs. Then as soon as we put the leash on him he flattens to the ground and won't move. I had to carry him outside and then he was ok, ignored the treat after the pee but ate it later on the poo.

Any advice to help him feel more comfortable with the leash is much appreciated!

And here is a random pic of his goofy sitting position

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