Recent rescue developing separation anxiety?

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I adopted a 10yr old mostly blind and deaf yorki approximately 2 weeks ago. The shelter (and our vet) believe she was probably used as a backyard breeder dog most of her life but we cant be sure of exactly what conditions she endured (multiple litters, cages, lack of food, etc). She is doing great living with my parents and I (24f), but is starting to develop separation anxiety. I am moving across country for grad school in a couple months where I may be living in an apartment with a roomate, so this could become an issue. My girl has closely bonded with me over the past 2 weeks, but despite my mom being around nearly 24/7, she has not bonded nearly as much with her.

My dog (who is normaly completely mute) has started to whine/cry when I am away for periods longer than 1hr. She does better in her crate since we are crate training her, but I'm worried she may start to cry when I have work/class for 4 hours a day. I want her to bond with other people and not feel like she needs me to constantly be by her side/touching her. When I leave her with my mom, she will NOT sit still and insists on wandering the house searching for me, even if my mom is petting her and giving her her toys. She will even do this if I am home and she can't find me. If I so much as get up from the couch, she will get up to follow me.

This isnt our first rodeo with dogs with separation anxiety, so if we cant train out the bad habits, then we will work things out. But it would be nice if we could train her to be comfortable by herself/with people besides me.

Any advice on how to help her with her separation anxiety and bad habits? (I am a poor grad student, so anxiety meds may not be something I can afford but I'm not sure how expensive they are.)

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