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Hi all.

I posted in here not too long ago about some success and now I’m venting. Definitely eye opening on how puppy raising is a total roller coaster.

I have a 5 month GSD. Today was a rough day for me and my puppy. I attribute most of my frustrations to my husband but I know that there’s some issues between my pup and I that I have to work through too.

I know she’s young but I can’t help but feel sad when I watch GSD training specific videos and dogs around her age have great attention skills and love to learn and be with their handlers/owners. I guess I suspected my dog to be like that but the bond isn’t quite there and she only really pays attention to me if I have high value treats, and even then her focus is on my hands not me. It’s very frustrating, but I am working on it and trying to stay patient with her as I know that my attitude is what makes it work. Really the only REAL issues we have right now though is that she’s started her chewing/destructive phase, she tends to be reactive towards other dogs (friendly-frustrated), and her recall is not good, but overall she’s already house trained, picks up commands really well, and has a generally calm temperament compared to other puppies I’ve been around.

My husband is what made me have a bad day today I guess. She was already being rowdy and generally naughty today but he got mad at her because she lost a tennis ball under the couch and as he was trying to help her she dug at his arm trying to get it herself. This obviously scratched him up pretty bad and he got pissed off at her and left the ball under the couch and stormed off. He definitely has the puppy blues since he expected her to be perfect from the get go and no amount of me reminding him that she’s a puppy and having puppy problems until she’s like 2 is part of the puppy package works. So naturally, I am the one that takes care of her 98% of the time. The only issue I have with the load being primarily on me is that he takes no part in training her which I think contributes to them not having any bond at all and her not listening to him ever (she does bite him way more than me and walks away when he tells her a simple command).

I don’t know, I guess all I’m trying to say is that her failures/bad days reflect on me and when he gets mad at her, I take it as him being mad at me , which in turn makes me mad at my dog and it’s just a vicious cycle but it’s just one day out of many great days.

I love my dog with all my heart and I look forward to the day that the bond has formed and my pup and I can live a happy stress free life!

Thanks for letting me vent! Just not needed to get that off my chest as I don’t really have any friends lol.

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