Reactive Dog… Help!?!?

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Hi all! I have a 7y/o female border terrier, she came to live with me this March. I love her to pieces, she could already do sit/stay/down/wait, but I've also now taught her heel and am working on "paw". But for the LIFE of me, I just can't stop her barking at other dogs. She's fine with humans, but other dogs she barks and lunges.

I've looked online and they recommend associating dogs with good things – so we see a dog, she gets a treat. We've managed to get down from about 20m away and barking to about 5m before she barks, but treats no longer work and I'm worried about reinforcing the barking by rewarding (if I say no and she stops, then she gets one, but again, I'm worried she's getting the wrong idea!)

I've contacted a few trainers and am waiting for them to get back to me, but anyone have any advice on how to get her to stop?

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