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I commonly get the aw's and how cute! at my little pup, but then I also get overexaggerated reactions. Put your dog on a leash!… He is on a leash, I deadpan.

I usually take him outside in the back of the apartment to play with his pals, the area is off-leash (as long as you pick up their crap). Ares's buddy is chasing him around, when an older man begins to yell at me, talking about how the dogs were chasing him (it was not the case, they were chasing each other). He tells me to put him on a leash, I do that and he's still yelling at me. Saying my dog is aggressive, etcetera, etcetera. I got tired of it and went back home.

When he was smaller (literally was the size of a pomeranian) I remember taking him out to go pee and as I open the door this family going down the hall, I walk by them, and they freak, speeding down to their apartment door freaking Ares out. They yell a couple of profanities at us and retreat into their house. I had gotten so frustrated.

Have you had any similar reactions?

(Quick note: I have no problem with people being afraid of dogs, it's out of their control. But when you go out of your way to yell, then I have a problem with it.)

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