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Hey so my dog is a year and a half and she is very good with holding her bladder. But she seems to not want to go potty when she isn't on a walk. We rescued her 3-4 months ago. She is house trained but when she doesn't get the opportunity to walk she will go in the house (specifically in the bathroom, which is probably the best place to go but still not optimal). We will be sitting outside with her for 2-3 hours at a time without her going potty at all. We have been using the "go potty" phrase every time she goes on walks since we got her and we treat and praise her when she goes outside. When we sit outside she literally acts like she doesn't know she can potty outside but she has gone once or twice outside before in dire need and she gets a jackpot of rewards. We are currently trying the method of being outside for 10 minutes then inside watched like a hawk for 20 minutes, outside 10 min, etc. Instead of her morning walk. I am trying this method though I am not thinking it will work because nothing has worked so far. She will get her walk after she potties outside.

She does get distracted in the backyard but honestly not as much as she does on walks so I don't know the problem. She also gets very verbal when we are trying to get her to go potty outside. She makes a lot of groaning whining noises.

I just want to know if we are going about this the right way. Thanks.

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