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I adopted an adult rescue about two years ago, she’s probably about eight or nine now. Shelter said she was lab/GSD, WisdomPanel says Keeshond/Rottie. We have had this problem the whole time, but I’m out of ideas.

She’s only potty trained when I’m home with her. When I’m home, she will hold it up to 18 hours before she asks to go out. We walk twice a day (it used to be 3x, but she’s scared of the dark now with the fireworks). But we can walk, she will potty, and then if I leave for even just two hours, she’ll potty in the house. The time varies, sometimes she’ll go within 30 minutes of me leaving, sometimes she’ll hold it until I get home from the store/from work. I just don’t know how to convince her to hold it, when I know she can. It doesn’t matter if my housemates are home, if I’m not home, she’s not waiting.

On top of that, she only potties on couches. It’s like she recognizes she’s not supposed to go on the floor, so she finds an alternative. She’s not allowed up on the couches anyway. She does have a pee pad on the floor available, which she disregards. I’ve tried putting the pad on the couch and transitioning it to the floor, putting the doggy mouse traps on the couch, and any number of spray/smell deterrents on the couch. Again, if I’m home, she’ll hold it all day (mostly she sleeps).

At this point, I need advice on how to stop the indoor potties, or at least put them on the pee pad instead of the couch.

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