Re-acquainting puppy to “normal” routine after tragedy.

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For the last 2 months we have been living in hotels, motels, and Airbnb’s because we were displaced by a house fire. During this time we have not been able to leave our dogs “home” alone per the rules of the rentals. Finally after 8 grueling weeks we are moving into a new apartment today and are going to try to rebuild our lives.

Prior to the fire our 2 dogs were excellent with their kennels/crates. We would kennel them when we were gone but not at night, I like snuggles. They would enter them when asked and would lay right down for a nap. We had a kennel camera and I would check throughout the day and very rarely would they even be awake.

I am worried that since they haven’t been in the kennels in 2 months they will forget that it’s their safe place and we will have issues. Does anyone have any suggestions about how to reintroduce them to somewhat of a normal routine?

Keeping in mind I work from home because of COVID virus so currently it would only be on occasion for errands/appointments.

My dogs are a 4 year old Lab/Husky mix and a 11 month old Husky/Golden retriever mix. They have both been using kennels their whole lives and these are the same kennels from before the fire.

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