Quick Question with puppies playing.

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So my wife and I got a doberman. Named her pepper. And my sister got one from the same litter. We really have kept her separated from other dogs to do worms and all her vaccines. Pepper was finally cleared the other day. She got her second round of parvo and she has no more worms. So now it's time to socialize her. So far so good. She doesn't play rough with other dogs. Basically tries to jump over them and run around in circles around them.

But this is not about pepper. It's about my sisters dog. Macy.. And boy you can tell the difference between how we have stuck to our training from what we have read on here and my sister has not.. anyways though… Since they both have been cleared with all of the above. We decided to watch her dog while she's at work. She hasn't been trained very well and it shows when it comes to playing with pepper.. Macy will play just fine for about 5 minutes then Macy will start to growl and start to really bite. She will even growl and bite walking her on a leash and picking her up. Macy is biting the point where pepper is yelping and running away but pepper will go back play and Macy will start up again..

My question is, should I separate Macy from pepper when she gets like that or should I just continue to supervise it all?

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