Questions and asking for tips about my puppy’s behaviors.

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Sorry for the long text. First time puppy owner here. Please answer what you can.

At this time, he's almost approximately 11 weeks old and I'm told he's a retriever mix (unsure of what exactly mix he is). I will answer any additional questions about him if you need more information.

He has started to make a bad habit of peeing inside his playpen. As of right now for his age, his playpen/crate area is the only area he is allowed to roam free. I give him plenty of room in that area. He used to be able to pee on the training pads in the playpen fine without trouble. But recently, he's been biting and nipping at his training pads. So I've recently started to take his pads away from him. Bad mistake on my end. He's just been peeing on the floor more often every time he chews up his pads and after I take them away. I try to take him out often too. Sometimes even every 20 minutes because of how often he goes. Whether he goes or not, he will eventually find pee inside him somewhere to pee on the floor again. I give him half a cup of water every 2 hours (according to Google), so maybe I'm just giving him too much water? What could I do about this situation with him chewing on the training pads and going so frequently inside the house? I want him to be able to pee on those pads again whenever he needs to.

I can't seem to get him to stop biting. His bites are getting a lot stronger and he's starting to pierce the skin. Once I get him inside from the yard, we either play or train. Once he gets bored of playing with the toys, which is less than 3 minutes, he starts to bite. I allow him to bite softly on my hands cause that's what training videos say owners should do to teach bite inhibition. But once he starts to bite harder, he puts his ENTIRE body into it. I react, say/scream "Ow!" "Ouch!" and even yelp in a high pitch and he reacts to none of them. He continues to bite. At times even harder. I leave the room when he bites too hard. Come back less than 10 seconds later. His bites are still hard. It doesn't seem like his bites are getting any softer. Sometimes, I put him into his crate for a nap cause maybe he's just overstimulated. Other times, he's just in it to bite me. He lunges and jumps at me just to bite. Just recently he's starting to bite anywhere his mouth can reach. My back if my back is turned against him. My thighs, calf, and ankles when I'm kneeling. When I carry him, he rarely but sometimes goes for my face. I don't know what to do about this biting situation anymore. It's getting frustrating for me.

Regarding the training from #2. To get the most out of training before he starts to lose attention and bite at me, I train him from the other side of the playpen. Is this conventional? I want to be in there with him but I can't take all the biting.

He likes to dig and nip at his bed. So recently I've taken away his bed cause this would be the 2nd one he has destroyed in a short amount of time. I try to get him as much exercise as possible so that he doesn't dig and nip. But considering he's not fully vaccinated yet, I can't bring him on walks or go to the parks. This limits me to the yards. I allow him to stay out for no less than 5 minutes whenever we go to the yards. However, this time of year, the mosquitos are ruthless. They swarm myself and the pup. So it's difficult to make the most out of that time. I feel like I can't give him the exercise he needs because of these restrictions. Therefore, he tends to dig and nip at his bed. Even when he's a bit tired at night time when I give him back his bed, he will dig for bit and then mostly settle for nipping the impurities of the bed that he has caused.

He teeths on a metal desk and paper boxes. I try to redirect his attention to treats and training. After training is done, he goes back to teething on them. This goes with the training pads as well. If I redirect, he will go right back for more.

At his age, would rawhide and/or bones be safe and/or recommended? If so what type and kind?

I've been getting progress on touch desensitization of his paw, ears, and tail. But I cannot seem to get him to stay calm with his teeth. Plus he always bites at me. So if I try to touch his teeth or gums, he starts to bite. Even if he bites softly on one hand, whenever I try to touch with my other hand, he gets fidgety.

When training with treats, he sometimes loses patience and lunges at the treat in the hands instead of doing what's asked. He then goes into bite mode. How do I get rid of this lunging and jumping behavior?

I take away his meals and water in the hopes that this will prevent resource guarding in the future. I see how he reacts and he's actually well behaved when I do so. He will growl once in awhile. But I praise him and give it back when he's good. Sometimes I ask him to do a trick instead then give it back. Should I continue this or should I stop?

The only experience with other dogs he has that I'm aware and know of is with my brother's older medium size dog. He's probably had more exposure with other dogs at the adoption agency I adopted him from, but I'm not sure. But I once gave my brother's dog one of his training treats and he started going wild. He started to bark like I've never before and started to nip at her. Now whenever they meet, at times he will be calm around her. But most of the other times, he will be curious about her, sniff her, and start to paw her. She will growl at him. Then he will start to bark and try to nip her again. I have him on leash though to prevent the situation from escalating. I want him to be nice boy and share with other dogs. I also want him to be friendly and nice with other dogs. How can I prevent this behavior and make him a good boy? I will eventually enroll him in a puppy training class where he can also socialize. But this behavior is unacceptable. Any other ways to get him more socialization?

He barks at me when I sneeze. I admit I have an aggressive sneeze, but I just want him to not bark so much in general. How should/do I curb it?

Thanks for any help and advice you can offer!

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