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I have a 12 lb cavalier king charles spaniel mix named Sophie. She's 5. She's only ever lived with one other dog briefly, who was just a little bigger than her, for about 6 months when I lived with my brother and sister in law briefly a few years ago.

We really, really want to get a second dog. Probably just a little larger, maybe the 15-25 lb range. We take Sophie to the dog park regularly, and she honestly pays no attention to the other dogs. She loves to run around and sniff, and she goes up to other dogs and sniffs them, but she does not like playing with them. She doesn't get aggressive; she just kind of stares at other dogs when they're circling her to play and they seem to eventually stop when they realize she doesn't want to. Sometimes she gets intimidated by really big dogs if they're rough and starts drooling, which is her sign of anxiety, but she never does this at the dog park or with other family members or friends dogs' that she knows, no matter the size.

We found a dog we liked at a local shelter, and went to meet it. It was a 24 lb 2 year old dog. It was well mannered. We brought Sophie along. When she met it in a separate room, she got super nervous and started drooling, tail between the legs, hiding behind me. Just acted so horribly nervous, and afraid to even move. She wouldn't make eye contact with the dog. We thought maybe that was because it was bigger than her so we thought, lets try seeing a puppy. We went and looked at different puppies, one puppy from a shelter and one from a reputable breeder. The shelter pups were some sort of terrier mix that were bound to be small, and the breeder pups were pomskys. The same exact thing happened. Just so nervous and afraid to move. In all these cases we ended up getting nervous about how she'd act if we brought a dog home, and didn't end up doing it.

Is this just not going to work? Are we not going to find a dog she likes and should stick with just her? I'm just confused by the situation, because she's fine with other people's dogs at the dog park, and fine if we take her to other people's houses even, with dogs she's never met. And she's lived with a dog in the past. Just at a loss for what to do, and any advice would be appreciated!

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