Question about taking away water before bed.

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Hi, so I just got a 9 week old puppy. Our first night together she had an accident in the bed I set up for her. So the next night I decided to take her water away about two hours before bed. Other wise I make sure she has full access to water through out the day. Also before I take the water away I will make sure she gets one last drink, and if she empties the bowl I will refill it before taking it away to give her another chance to drink.

Anyways, she has a combo food/water dish, so I take the one bowl out and leave the food. The past two nights she has started sniffing around the missing dish looking for water. Then she picked up the whole thing and dumped all her food. I also give her water from a cooler inside the fridge, and she has picked up on that, so she would go and start sniffing and pawing at the fridge in a second attempt to tell me she wants water.

During the day I take her out quite frequently (probably once every 45 minutes, unless I'm in class or at work). The past two days she hasn't had an accident inside. I also let her sleep with me at night, and wake up 4 hours into our sleep to let her out.

I feel bad about it, so I'm just wondering if the way I'm doing it is okay?]

Edit: Bonus video of her flipping her dish

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