Question About (Re-)Housetraining Our 1-year Old Hound Rescue

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We just adopted a 1 year old hound from a rescue org; she looks like she's 99% foxhound. She's a total sweetheart–very gentle and seems eager to learn, but she's a bit more of a puppy than we expected. She's only been with us for a few weeks, and is still still settling in, but she has a bit of a house-training issue.

We brought in a trainer to give us some pointers, and she told us the way to help her is to make sure her *only* opportunity to pee is when she's outside, and lavish praise on her the second she does. That if she goes does pee indoors, try to interrupt, and take her outside immediately, but that every "accident" will set back her training, so watch her like a hawk.

So far so good. The problem is, like a lot of adult humans, we've got other obligations–work, taking kids to-from school, etc…

When we're home, our strategy is we keep her on a leash indoors. We take her to the dog park and on walks. We praise like crazy when she goes. The key here is we're only supposed to give her the opportunity to pee outdoors. Which means she's allowed three options: 1) outside with us watching her, ready to praise; 2) inside with us–watching her–on a leash, ready to intervene; 3) ???

Obviously Option #3 is the issue. Unattended, but not allowed to pee. The only thing that fits that requirement is the crate.

She's not scared of her crate, she sleeps in it at night. We've started feeding her in it. Etc, etc… But she still doesn't *love* being in it. When it's time for us to leave in the morning there's a bit of whining, etc… But she usually quiets down in a few minutes.

But most of the things I've read here say that your dog should happily walk into their crate with no complaints, and if they have any reluctance about it, you're doing more harm than good.

Should we be doing something else? Are we training her to hate her crate by putting her in it? Is there an alternative way of dealing with Option #3 until she gets better at only peeing outside?

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