Puppy’s first nail grind didn’t go well

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We’ve had our lab mix puppy, Millie, for 1 month today. She’s now 13 weeks old. Obviously things have been crazy but she’s a sweet girl and very smart, so things are coming along pretty well.

However, we took her to get her first nail grind a couple days ago and she REALLY didn’t like it. The tech was super sweet and said her behavior was normal for a first time, but she cried and squealed and was very scared of the dremmel. We have been playing with and holding her feet since we got her to desensitize her to that, but I feel terrible that I didn’t prep her for the dremmel specifically. The tech said to just use an electric toothbrush to get her more comfortable with something vibrating on her feet (with lots of yummy treats etc). We started slowly doing that last night. She’s still a little uncomfy but not squealing, and we’ll keep working on it of course.

Anyone have any other tips/tricks that worked for their pup? Just one of those moments where I felt like a terrible dog mom.

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