Puppymill Pottytraining Problems

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We have a 7 month old GSP (Alder) who is/was fully house trained. About a month ago, a friend of mine bought a GSD puppy (Rosie) only to find that he was very allergic after only 8hrs. We believe the puppy came from a puppy mill, or at the least a bad breeding situation. She didn't really know what grass was and had kennel cough and was quite week (I have spoken to my vet and reported what I could about the situation). She is now healthy but does not understand to go to the bathroom outside! She uses puppy pads maybe 60% of the time, but even taking the pads outside does not help. If we are outside with her for an hour she will hold it and the moment we come inside she will pee. She has also started to excitement pee when visitors come. In a month, with consistent trips outside (every hour or two) I have made little progress. It has come to a point that Alder has started going to the bathroom inside again. I am mopping my floors daily with enzyme cleaner to keep up with the mess. Is there anything else I can do? I feel at my wits end but I don't want to rehome her or pass her around if I don't absolutely have to.

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