Puppy would rather play than eat.

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We've had a new puppy a few days now. He seems normal and healthy and the vet gave him a clean bill of health. One thing that strikes me though is that he is excited to the point that he doesn't stop to eat. He will play, stop to grab a bite, then grab the nearest toy and play. He comes back for a bite and the cycle repeats. He is on the same food since birth.


Play is confined for now to a small area downstairs until potty training improves. We've also been feeding him there (easy to clean). Is that a mistake? Would it be better to feed him in his crate where he is more calm/confined? Some other strategy?


FYI- He is energetic and happy. Loves treats. The vet said he is a good weight yesterday and all looked good. I'll email her on this as well but I'm curious if this is common. Gotta make sure my boy gets enough to eat!

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