Puppy won’t walk and just want to go home

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I have a 4 month old lab pup she was really good on leash from the starting , it was like natural. But, a few weeks earlier it started raining(rainy season) so we stopped going on walks and instead I exercised her in the house itself. Since the rain has stopped I decided to started walking again but now she is showing neglect in walking she sits every now and then and don’t want to walk. She sits randomly and start looking behind as if she is waiting fir someone or looking at someone. I motivate her to walk forward but she sits after walking a little bit and do the same behaviour. And as soon as I turn behind she wants to run, run straight to the house, she does not stop anywhere she doesn’t sit anywhere when we are on the way back to home. She is not walking half the distance she used to walk. Please help.

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