Puppy won’t stop chewing and won’t lie on me, help!

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Hello, Any advice would be very much appreciated. Recently adopted a cocker spaniel puppy 3 days ago. He can be good at times, playing with toys and responding to basic commands (sit and come) but he WILL NOT stop chewing, I don't even mind him chewing shoes but he can't even sit on my lap without trying to chew my hands constantly. He won't sleep with me or my fiance, we let him up on the couch, but he won't lie on our lap he likes to sleep on a separate part of the couch where we aren't. If we pull him over to us to just sit on our lap he'll either chew, or if he's really tired go and sleep on an empty spot. It's really frustrating. For the chewing we've watched load of videos online, tried the ouch technique but doesn't bat an eyelid and continues to chew.

Can anyone give me any advice? Please someone give me hope!

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