Puppy won’t go potty outside

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I just got the puppy yesterday, and I know the first few days are a lot of tail and error, but I feel like this is a lot of error. My puppy won't go to the bathroom outside. Yesterday (his first day home) I took him out every 20 minutes. He went to the bathroom once outside and I gave him praise and a treat, and after that nothing. He has pooped in the house twice (once last night and again this morning), peed in his crate right after taking him out, peed on carpet, tile, everything except grass. I even took his poop and put it outside so he had a marked place. I've also done the thing where I interrupt him peeing inside and carry him outside, but after that he usually doesn't finish outside, just waits. If I cant do that, I ignore it, no treats or praise, don't punish, though I sometimes put him in his crate if I need to get something to clean up with. At that, he usually barks.

Over the past 24 hours (including sleeping time) I have taken him outside no less than 25 times, with him going to the bathroom outside only once. At this rate, I'm worried about him getting used to going inside.

He is also crying a lot in his crate, but I'm hopeful that will get less as he starts to lose his anxiety. Right now he'll even cry if I'm right across from him, but I know he's crate trained since his breeder had them crated at night. Definitely going out today and buying my apartment neighbors Starbucks gift cards with a note explaining.

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