Puppy won’t go out in the rain

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We’ve had our 13 week old lab mix puppy just over two weeks. He’s doing awesome with potty training, telling us when to go out and not having any accidents.

This morning was the first time it’s really rained since he’s come home. He was terrified. I’ve taken him out three times – the first I carried him to under the tree but he ran right back inside, the second I tried to coax him out and he remained on our stoop and the third I tried a thicker tree with more cover, he sniffed and immediately ran back in. He was shaking so I didn’t want to stand out there and force him and like traumatize him when he was clearly afraid. The second we came back in he peed on the rug, which he hasn’t done since the first day we got him.

He’s also being really wild and bitey and I know he needs to poop because he does every morning and that’s how he gets when he needs to. He hasn’t pooped at all in the house since we got him and I reallllly don’t want him to start. We also need to go to work in a while and I have to have him poop before we crate him til lunch.


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