Puppy won’t eat all his food? Not sure if he’s full or just gets distracted?

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My puppy will doesn’t finish his food and I’m not sure how to make him eat? Or does this mean he’s not hungry? Originally I was using puzzle feeders and he would finish the food in there, but after a few weeks he lost interest in the puzzle feeder and just ignore it after a few minutes, with lots of food left. I put the food in a bowl in his crate but if I don’t like the crate he’ll also leave after finishing only half. i started locking the crate for 10 mins (read this somewhere) and same thing – he’ll eat half and start barking. The only time I’ve seen him finish most of it is if I leave the bowl in there and him for like an hour before letting him out. Should I just keep taking the food away after 10-15 mins so he learns he has to eat?

I’m following the guidelines on the food bag and splitting it into two meals a day. My puppy is 4 months. Thanks!

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