Puppy wins | Thank you r/puppy101 for getting me through puppy blues!

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A few weeks ago when we first got Luna (3 month-old Shepadoodle), we got a hard case of puppy blues. Luna wasn’t eating, she was whiny when we had to leave the house, and potty training was going terribly. I was on the verge of having an emotional breakdown almost every day, and sometimes I just wanted to give her up.

Well, it’s good that r/puppy101 came to my aide with a lot of emotional support along with great tips and advice. I’m happy to report that after 6 weeks with us, Luna is doing really well, and we’re so happy and grateful every day to be her human parents. – We found her favorite food which is boiled chicken and peanut butter, and we use kibble to train her. – Potty training is going well, she rarely has any accident at night, although she still pees herself when she’s excited (when we come home after work, for example), but when she’s aware of her surroundings she rarely has an accident now! Of course we don’t expect her to be fully house trained until she’s at least one, but we’re really excited about her progress! – She still gets anxious when she’s left alone, but she can be okay by herself for up to two hours when she’s tired and sleepy, so we make sure she gets plenty of exercise every day before we leave. We’re working on her separation anxiety, but she’s still a baby so we’re taking baby steps. – We take her for a 20 to 30-minute walk every morning, and she loves running and exploring the world around her! – We de-worm her twice now and she hasn’t had any issues or parasites, she had diarrhea the first time but the second time was fine, so we’re really happy that she’s healthy. – When she’s paying attention, she can “Sit”, “Lie down” and “Hi-five” on command, but she gets distracted easily so again, we’re practicing a little bit every day.

Again, she’s doing better every day. We’re still working on her biting and she’s still an asshole when she doesn’t get enough sleep or exercise, but overall I am so happy with her and thankful that r/puppy101 was there for me!

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