Puppy WILL NOT sleep in crate

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My 8 week old sheepadoodle puppy (sheep dog + poodle) absolutely will not sleep in her crate at night. She will literally whine and howl all night, without stopping. We’ve had her for 3 nights now, and she hates her crate.

The first night, we tried her in her crate in our room, and tried the “ignore” method. She. Won’t. Stop.

The second and third night we’ve had her in a room opposite side of the house from us and anytime I’ve woken up in the middle of the night I’ve made sure to peek my head outside my door to listen (we are far enough away that she will not have heard me). She is still whining and barking.

Her crate is a “little” big for her, so we’ve reduced the size by putting a partition in it. We sleep with a cool house temperature, and she has a blanket in there to curl up if she were to get cold. She definitely is not too hot, and we take her out to go to the bathroom immediately before we put her to sleep. I also play with her and completely exhaust her before the day is done. Took her to the vet today (for her first vet visit after getting her from the breeders) and they said she is perfectly healthy and gave her some booster shots etc. I even sit with her as she falls asleep, in the crate, with very little resistance. After about 30 minutes, she just starts freaking out (when she was in the room, able to see us, as well as when she has been in different rooms).

I don’t know what to do next, or if I should just persevere, and continue doing what I’ve been doing hoping she will just get over it. She is seemingly not sleeping AT ALL at night, like 0%.

Edit: I also have her nap inside the crate during the day, sometimes with the door closed. And I’ve put her food and water inside the crate during feeding times once or twice so far. She is perfectly fine with the crate, so long as she knows the gate isn’t closed. She is incredibly smart, and I cannot help but think this is a learned behavior, but I’ve only given in a very small handful of times on the first night, when it sounded like she was howling to death…

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