Puppy whining when she doesn’t get her way?

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We’ve got a 17 week old poodle puppy- she whines a little when we leave her in the kitchen on her own, but more often than not she doesn’t. She whines sometimes when my dad leaves the car to fill up fuel but it’s nothing too bad.

But when we are at the puppy class it’s sooo bad. She spends at least 45-50 mins of the entire hour whining- I’m fairly certain she’s not scared of the other dogs (she’s constantly pulling on the lead and standing up trying to get to them) but that she wants to go see everyone, play with all the toys and eat all the treats. But since she can’t, she whines about it. It’s similar when we go on walks and we part ways with another dog, but obviously, in an echoey village hall for that long it’s much worse. I don’t really know how to approach it? She did it a few times we took her into pubs- maybe its a weird mix of frustration and separation anxiety for people she’s never met? I have no idea

To paint her character a bit- she’s quite a dauntless little puppy- not really scared of anything and certainly not shy (she actually comes on a bit too strong to other dogs, and has been snapped at a few times). Definitely on the hyper/energetic end of the spectrum.

I have absolutely no idea what to do about it, and I can’t really in the middle of class, since I don’t want to distract trainer demonstrating with another puppy by saying commands or anything, but it’s embarrassing and to the point that I’m missing out large chunks of the class just because I’m focused on her.

Any similar experiences/ideas?

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