Puppy whining at guinea pig cage – how to calm him?

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My pup is a 14 week old English Pointer, who we have had home for 2 weeks now.

I have 2 guinea pigs in an indoor C&C cage (with a lid) in my living room, which is where we spend most of our time and where the puppy’s crate is. It is also raised off the ground, which helps.

Or puppy sleeps in our room in a dog bed at night, and goes to work with my partner during the day, so he isn’t ever in there unsupervised.

He can’t physically get to them, but the problem is when he can see them, he sits by their cage and whines. I have to cover their cage for us to get any peace, but I hate them being in constant darkness and I like to keep track of what they’re doing, and it’s fun to see them play in their cage. I’ve even seen him and the pigs almost touch noses through the bars, and they aren’t scared of him at all!

Does anyone have any useful tips on how to get him used to them? Should I keep them covered or let him sit and watch until he figures it out himself?

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