Puppy Whines for Attention

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My puppy, female mixed (maybe Shiba mix?), is 6 months old.

We go to the park in the morning to play for an hour (chase/fetch/walk/sniffing), but when we come home she only takes an hour nap. She used to sleep around 16 hours a day, but now she's sleeping around 9 or 10 hours. The rest of the time, she whines to get me to play while I try to work.

Do I ignore these pitiful whines until she falls asleep out of boredom (and feel guilty about it)? Or do I need to buy her more treats to chew on? Or…?

She gets bored of chew toys, but she loves treats that take a while to eat. However, they're expensive, and I want her eating her kibble, too.

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