Puppy Was Awake for 8 Hours, I Got Frusterated

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Single pet parent of one 10 week old poodle. I feel like I didn’t do my best today 🙁

She’s a doll, most of the time, but today she was absolutely incorrigible. She went on her longest walk yet (yay!) and then came home to her first round of antibiotics (staph infection) and her de-wormer. Yesterday she got her second round of vaccines.

She took a nap (for about 40 minutes, and didn’t sleep for the rest of the damn day! Usually she’s out from 10-1 and then 5-8, back to bed at 11-7. She was whining constantly, and I tried everything in my power to deduce what she wanted. Walks? No. Food? Didn’t want it (figured out this issue later), more space? Sure, but then more whining. Playtime? Yes, yes, yes! (i had to do work— two hours of play twice over wasn’t enough for her.)

I was a little more rough with her today than I usually am. Corralled her into her crate (didn’t force), had to shove her out of the bathroom to clean up an emergency mess, and she did a faceplant on her walk.

(She also gnawed, not bit, on my hand today, and snagged my nose!)

I figure she might be overtired, but she just! Won’t! Relax!

I hope it’s the medicine. She’s finally resting now, but what a damn day.

My parents keep telling me I’m doing something TERRIBLE by crating her for a few hours a day while I’m home (calling it punishment, ect), and I just feel awful. I needed time to work— she needed a nap!

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