Puppy walked into her crate and fell asleep on her own!

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Our lab puppy is about 19 weeks right now, and we've been doing crate training with her (for the most part), my parents sometimes let her sleep outside he crate or in their room, but for the most part she's in the crate at night and if we leave the house. Yesterday was the first time she on her own with no prompting decided that she was tired, nosed open the door to her crate which was slightly closed, walked in and laid down and fell asleep. I was shocked and it was just an awesome feeling. We've been a bit frustrated with her at the moment because she's decided that she loved cat poop and we didn't realize that we have had stray cats that come into our backyard and bury their poop and pee in the dirt, and our puppy is still learning the leave it command so she just runs straight for the poop and gobbles it up. We've had to take her in the yard with her leash on most times otherwise she ends up with a mouth full of cat poop…. Do this was a nice moment where it felt like, yes something is coming together finally! Yay!

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