Puppy waking up at random times

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Our 17 week Goldendoodle has slept through the night since we got her almost 6 weeks ago, and only woken up to pee once when she got into water just before bedtime. However, the past two nights she’s woken up randomly, instead of her clockwork 7:10am.

Two nights ago she woke up around 4am whining. We took her out to pee calmly and quietly, and then put her back into her crate(which she loves). She whined and cried for about 10 minutes, which she doesn’t really do anymore when we crate her, and then finally went back to sleep. I believe that we hadn’t exercised her enough and she wasn’t super tired.

Last evening she had a 2 hour puppy play date and was WIPED. I hoped she would sleep well through the night, but again she was whining at 1am. We took her out to pee and then back to bed. She again whined for about 10 min before going back to sleep until 7:15 this morning.

Any ideas on why the random times? I don’t want to have to go through a couple more nights of this. She’s been on her same evening water cut off schedule, and she’s been peeing fine during the day- no signals of a UTI. We’re also pretty consistent with a 9:30-10pm bedtime for her.


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