Puppy waking up at night

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My newly 6 month old Goldendoodle has started to wake up at random times in the night over the past few weeks.

She’s slept through the night (9/10-7am) since the day we got her at 13 weeks. Recently she’s been whining in her crate anywhere between 12-5, but more recently between 4-5am. The first two nights she whined, she went outside and pooped and peed. She hasn’t pooped before bed, but she’d often done that before without waking up. We give her plenty of opportunities to go, but sonetimes she just didn’t have to.

After a few nights of early AM pooping, we adjusted her feeding schedule to see if we could get her to poop before bed. She now gets dinner at 5:15, and it’s taken up at 7. Water stays until 8. This (for food) is now an hour and a half earlier than it was.

In the past two weeks she hasn’t had to poop in the middle of the night again, but she’s still whining in the early hours. She always pees if we bring her outside, but nothing else. Twice now she wouldn’t go back to sleep and just cried in her crate until we took her out to start the day around 6am.

If we take her out of her crate when she wakes early, and then try and go back to sleep, she falls asleep instantly on her bed in her little pen area, which is so frustrating.

We’ve been making extra efforts to tire her out in the evenings, moved her food schedule, and tonight I have her a small handful of kibble before bed to see if that helps- maybe her empty stomach is keeping her up?

She’s also been waking up extremely thirsty. She drinks a ton of water and has unlimited access to it from the moment she wakes up to 8pm. It’s also been in the 100s heat index-wise, which I think is why she’s not been super hungry in the evenings too…

Anyone have a similar experience/something to try? I would love to stop waking up at 4am in the mornings!! I guess I was hoping this wouldn’t be an issue for us at 6 months old after she’s been fantastic for months. Thanks!

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