Puppy Vaccine Schedule Question

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Hi, I just wanted to double-check on our puppy vaccination schedule as I'm seeing some conflicting information online. We live in Canada if that matters as I've heard US will do 4 rounds and Canada does 3 rounds.

Our pup got her first set of DA2PP at a day shy of 8 weeks and her second set at 11 weeks. We have her third and final set scheduled for 14 weeks. The vet said at this time, she will also get the Rabies vaccination.

However, I'm reading online that pups shouldn't finish their vaccines until at least 16 weeks? I just want to clarify that 14 weeks is okay.

I believe we live in a cold city with low risk for Parvo because the vet said she will be fine to go outside a few days after her 2nd set of shots.

(We've already started taking her to puppy socialization classes and play dates prior to second shots).

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