Puppy vaccinations

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Hello, I was wondering if anyone who has experience with puppy vaccines can help me. So I’ve been taking my puppy to Vetco (it’s the closets vaccine center and affordable for my dog ) but I’m really confused. My puppy got her first round of shots when we was 8 weeks old, but because of the pandemic everything got closed and we couldn’t take her for her second round. So on June we took her for her second round, and the vet there told us that she only had to restart the vaccines if she didn’t get her third rounds after the second round. She had her last round due on July, and she also told us that she was old enough (5 months old at that time) to get her rabies shot. So when we went in July, the new vet told us that she was too young to get her last round of vaccines and only gave her the rabies one and a de warmer. They also didn’t give us any due dates for when she had to get her final rounds done. I called Vetco because I’m confused as to what I’m suppose to do or I’m suppose to restart the vaccines all over again because she didn’t get her last boosters. If I do have to restart it, i don’t want to pay $69 all over again for each one of her rounds. They told me to schedule an appointment and go talk to the vet there, but Vetco only gives you an 8 minute window to the get shots done and i don’t know who to contact now.

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