Puppy Turning into Guard Dog when we’re home

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So I’ve got an opposite problem of most people. When we leave our 7 month old jack Russell x pug home alone, she just sleeps.

But when we’re home she goes into this hyper guard dog mode. She barks at the littlest things and it’s getting progressively worse.

The past two nights she’s been on edge, doing low key growls and eventually barks at everything. My stomach even grumbled at one point and she barked at it. I feel she’s lived in this apartment long enough with us to know the noises, but it’s weird how it’s getting worse. She literally went all night, I hardly got any sleep.

I understand the barking at people or other dogs from the balcony as that seems natural; but to just sit up all night on edge is weird. And only recently too.

She sleeps in a dog bed in our bed room as she earned our trust to graduate from the crate, and we started this over a month ago. But It may sound like she needs to be demoted to the crate.

Any thoughts or tips?

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